A Guide to Maximising Creative Effectiveness

How can we, as an industry, become more consistently successful at highly effective creative marketing? Cannes Lions and WARC sought to understand how our global community could better share what they have learned about effectiveness, for the sake of continuous creative improvement. This is our answer.

Introducing the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

The Ladder unlocks a shared language for people in the business of creativity who aim higher. It’s a way for the industry to identify the very best work and understand how to utilise creativity to drive specific marketing outcomes. Cannes Lions and WARC's vision is that marketers will turn their version of the Ladder into a critical, continuous tool for improvement - adopting the framework and making it their own.

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Download the Creative Effectiveness toolkit

Download the white paper and a ‘how to’ guide for each level of the Ladder.

Dig into the metrics and case studies that show us best practice at each level. Learn how and why they’ve worked.




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