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A Living tree For All Seasons

There are few symbols that stir our memories and capture our imagination like the Christmas tree. Imagine how inspiring it would be to stand under the tree at Bath Abbey and realize that it hasn't been cut down, but that it’s filled with life! This is the core idea of the Living Tree project: A scalable Christmas Tree for public spaces, made up of smaller potted trees that are planted after the holidays. As part of the Imagine If… festival, Berlin based artist Andrew Amondson presented a 3-meter prototype of his proposed Living Tree in celebration of the life and work of Sir Ken Robinson.

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A preview of what's in store at "Imagine if…" a celebration of the life and legacy of Sir Ken Robinson. Taking place March 1-4 2021.

4 mins

To celebrate the life and wisdom of Sir Ken Robinson, several of his G100 visionaries recorded themselves from their homes, reading his vision statement included in the 3D publishing milestone, Genius: 100 Visions of the Future.