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A Message to the Community: Jim Stengel

Talent: Jim Stengel

What are the skills we have all gained in the past year? What are the new skills we all need to get to grips with not only to survive but thrive in the 'new reality'? Get inspired by some of the top leaders of the creative community as they reflect on the past and look into the future of creativity. Tune in for the state of the state lecture - a call to action you can't miss.

First aired: Wednesday 3rd March

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Top leaders from the creative community reflect on the past and look to the future of creativity. State of the state lectures - a call to action you can't miss.

15 mins

This last year has shown to all of us that uncertainty is the only constant in our lives. No one saw the pandemic coming and the profound effect it would have on all of our lives. In life and in our creative work we all had to find our brav...