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Sir Ken Robinson at Cannes Lions 2011

At Cannes Lions 2011, Tham Khai Meng launched the Ogilvy & Inspire Series with Sir Ken Robinson.

Of all the components of the creative act, inspiration is the most fundamental and the most mysterious. Ogilvy & Mather is launching Ogilvy & Inspire, an annual series of narratives exploring such questions as: ‘What is inspiration?’; ‘Where does it come from?’; and ‘What can we do to engender it?’

These are questions that impact people every day in their life and work, and this session attempts to view them through the prism of the most brilliant minds of our age. Sir Ken Robinson – best-selling author, education reformer, evangelist of Pervasive Creativity, and the world’s fiercest defender of creative talent – inaugurates the Ogilvy & Inspire series on the centennial of David Ogilvy’s birth. Sir Ken speaks of creativity as an eternal and ever-present human force, and shows us how to find it in

ourselves, foster it in others and deploy it better in service to the world.

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