Shaftesbury Presents Queering the Script

Talent: Kaaren Whitney-Vernon

Featuring never-before-seen footage of LGBTQ+ icons Angelica Ross (Pose) and Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess) from the Shaftesbury documentary film, Queering the Script, Shaftesbury shares lessons learned on creating community-focused branded entertainment.

From their experience working with leading brands on creating successful LGBTQ-driven series, you'll learn about industry best practices and why it is important to create content for niche audiences, specifically, during this time of social isolation.

Brands have an opportunity to support and authentically engage with underrepresented communities by powering the content and digital spaces that allow these communities to connect and thrive. Not only does this support the communities themselves, it’s good for the brand’s business.

First aired: Wednesday 24th June

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