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CEO & Founder | Black Creators Matter

Audrey’s academic experience lies in communication and journalism. After discovering an interest in event planning, she worked as a project manager for a conference management company focused in Africa and the Middle East. Having spent time leading events between Africa and London she relocated to Miami to lead the communication and PR strategy of a French television broadcaster.

Since returning to London, she worked as an event manager for a variety of companies, refining her project management and communication skills. For two years, Audrey was the sole events producer based at the YouTube Space in Kings Cross where she organised over 200 events and workshops directly for the platform, including working with top brands and clients as well as leading content creators from across the world. In 2018, Audrey launched her own events agency - MOKA and in 2019, Black Creators Matter an educational and networking platform for black content

Appears in:

The New Storytellers: Audrey Solvar

20/10/2020 - 16:40 - 16:50 (BST)