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Founder | The Ringer

Bill Simmons is a multi-media star, throughout his career he has been a successful podcaster, author, TV host, and analyst, his prolific writings and insights have become the voice for a generation of sports fans. In 2016, he launched THE RINGER, which is home to an intriguing blend of sports, pop culture and over 30 popular podcasts. In February of 2020, Spotify announced it had entered an agreement to purchase The Ringer.

In 2015, he signed a multi-year deal with HBO, under which his weekly talk show Any Given Wednesday aired in 2016. In 2018, Simmons signed a new deal that will see him continue to produce for the network, including podcasts, features, shows, and documentaries. This came on the heels of the hugely successful HBO documentary Andre the Giant, which Simmons executive produced, it has amassed nearly 7.3 million viewers across platforms.

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