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Social Media Strategist | CIRCUS

Karo Gómez career has involved various responsibilities, from creativity to strategy in social media and digital. She has worked with multiple agencies including BBDO, DDB, McCann, FCB, GREY and led the Mexican team in Together W, an Argentinian independent agency. Karo has also worked with global brands like Kellogg's, McDonald's, Nokia, Navent, Pepsi, General Motors, and Clorox, winning worldly-recognised awards with some. In recent years, Karo has focused her career on social causes, going the extra mile in pro of Mexican culture and feminism, aiming to break down stereotypes. Alongside this, Karo collaborates with Publicitarias Mexico, boosting an inclusive and gender balanced perspective into local advertising. This year, Karo was recognised by Cannes Lions, as an ambassador of the See It Be It programme.

Appears in:

SIBI: A Message to the Creative Community - Mica Gallino, Karo Gómez and Melanie Tobal

22/10/2020 - 16:50 - 16:55 (BST)