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CEO & Editor in Chief | Annahar Newspaper

A fourth-generation Lebanese journalist, Nayla Tuéni has a family legacy imprinted in Lebanese history.

At the age of 23, she is thrust to the forefront of media and public life as heir of An-Nahar newspaper, Lebanon’s leading daily founded by her great-grandfather in 1933, and long a leading voice of freedom. The assassination of her father, the 48-year-old publisher and managing editor of An-Nahar, MP Gebran Tuéni, on December 12, 2005, led to Nayla’s appointment as member of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Manager, in charge of development of the newspaper. At the age of 26, young, dynamic and an involved journalist herself, Nayla announced that she would follow her father into politics. She was elected a Member of Parliament in June 2009 and was one of the few elected female politicians in Lebanon. In 2011, she was elected Chief Executive Officer of An-Nahar.

Tuéni is quite aware of the fact that newspapers are struggling universally as the industry has changed with the world entering the digital age, but remains steadfast in the face of hard times. Over time, Nayla has proven to be both surprising and bold in her decisions to revamp Annahar constantly and find ways to make headlines. She still envisions the newspaper as a medium for uncensored free expression accessible to all.

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