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The poolhouse's Veronica Beach - The Production Reset

Talent: Veronica Beach, Adam Berg, John X Carey, Yael Staav, Rachel McDonald, Henry-Alex Rubin, Lauren Greenfield, Sara Dunlop, Malik Vitthal, Ridley Scott

Who knew that when the clock hit midnight on January 1st, 2020 that production would face this biggest shift ever seen in our lifetime. The industry has been forced to adapt at pace with previous obstacles, challenges and logistical ‘nightmares’ all being used as training to help us navigate the new world, as we see it now.

Are we in a production reset, an industry reset, or a life reset? (or perhaps all of these). Veronica Beach, Co-Founder and Partner at The poolhouse, discusses these theories posing the question “How would we re-produce Cannes winning campaigns if they were directed today?”. Hearing from prominent Directors, Ridley Scott, Henry-Alex Rubin, Yael Staav, Adam Berg, Rachel McDonald, John X Carey and more along the way.

First aired: Wednesday 24th June

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