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Catch up on previously-aired content from LIONS Live on and get an insider's view of creative excellence.

LIONS Live Wrap-up Report

This October’s edition of LIONS Live brought us unrivalled insights into the world’s greatest creativity. Our official wrap-up report distills 20+ hours of thinking from Grand Prix-winners into seven short-read lessons on how to achieve excellence.

Case Studies - The uncensored playlist (1)-min

Unpick winning work from the Global Creativity Report - bringing together the idea, the brand and the execution. From the brief to Lion. Lift the lid on Grand Prix winning work from Berlin, Copenhagen, London, New York, Warsaw and more.

AMVBBDO London Presents Behind the Scenes: "The Truth-telling Journey of Libresse"

CMO's in the spotlight

They have the power, the resources and the pressure;

What are they doing now?

Join the 'CMOs in the Spotlight' to learn about how some of the world's most influential brands are tackling the here and now. In these interview sessions, Charles Day, Founder of The Lookinglass puts another CMO through their paces and uncovers the strategic role of marketing (and more specifically creativity) in driving business growth.

What will the world of marketing look like in the next 12 months? How can we prepare ourselves now for times ahead? How can marketers position themselves better as business-growth drivers and enterprise-wide leaders? Join us for an in-depth look at what the future of marketing looks like, right now.

What I-ve Learnt - Swati Bhattacharya-min

FCB Ulka's Swati Bhattacharya - Till Brand Do Us Part

Swati Bhattacharya has always had one constant in her life, and it's a surprising one. Join her as she tells the tale of one particular brand that has followed her through her career from becoming the first female Chief Creative Officer in India to producing “No Conditions Apply,” raising the profile of inclusivity for single women and the transgender community, to winning two Gold Lions in 2018.

Insider Stories

Creativity from the inside out - practical advice to drive progress through creativity

A guide to lo-fi survival-min

Cannes Lions Presents a Guide to Creative Survival: Lo-fi Content

Lo-fi creativity is enjoying a special moment right now, but as we will show, lo-fi work has already been winning Lions for many years. For this second part of the LIONS "Guide to Creative Survival" Susie Walker and team have trawled through archives to find years of rich data and insights in the winning entries and talks. She will bust some of the myths associated with this democratised style and offer insights on how to create lo-fi work that works.

Expert Guide

From inspiration to application - creative practitioners and industry experts breakdown each day’s learning into actionable next steps.

In these wrap-up style sessions, creative practitioners and industry heroes share how they would apply each day’s content. Focussed on the “how to” angle, these industry experts breakdown the day’s learning into practical next steps.

LIONS - The Home of Creativity

Cannes Lions - The International Festival of Creativity - has been championing creative excellence since 1954 with the goal of providing the definitive benchmark for creativity that drives progress

We've launched LIONS - The Home of Creativity - that will serve as the destination for anyone in the business of creativity who believes in the power of creative possibility, aims higher and looks forward. LIONS exists to drive progress through creativity.

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