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Delve Into The New Creator's Toolkit

Navigate your way through The New Creator's Toolkit and discover powerful tools to succeed in your creative journey

Dear Creators of 2021

Top leaders from the creative community reflect on the past and look to the future of creativity. State of the state lectures - a call to action you can't miss.

15 mins

This last year has shown to all of us that uncertainty is the only constant in our lives. No one saw the pandemic coming and the profound effect it would have on all of our lives. In life and in our creative work we all had to find our brav...

The Expert Guide to...

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Get to grips with the skills you'll need to future-proof your career and make sure you're ready for the next step of your creative journey.

What I've Learnt

Legendary creatives share their career learnings and secret winning moves in their own uniquely creative way.

CMOs in the Spotlight

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Top brand leaders answering the hottest questions of 2021 so far.

LIONS Intelligence Guides

Uncover new insights, trends and best practice from 65+ years worth of Lion-winning work.


The experts help you hone your skills in six handy summary guides.


A series of dynamic exercises to support you at each step of the creative process.

LIONS Live Unwrapped

Creative practitioners and industry experts breakdown LIONS Live into actionable next steps.

LIONS Live Extra

Looking for even more inspiration? Check out some of the extra films from The New Creator's Toolkit.


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Watch back on the live Q&As from LIONS Live. See experts answering your biggest questions.

21 for '21

LIONS Live talent sit in the hotseat to answer 21 burning questions for 2021.

The Full Live Stream

LIONS Live in all of its daily glory.

42courses: Creative Leadership

Industry experts teach you the practical skills needed to transform your company into a place where creative thinking thrives.

Imagine If...

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A preview of what's in store at "Imagine if…" a celebration of the life and legacy of Sir Ken Robinson. Taking place March 1-4 2021.

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