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Partner, Composer & Music Director | DaHouse Audio / Le Tour Du Monde

Lucas Mayer is a composer and music producer who runs his DaHouse Studios in São Paulo and Berlin. Have traveled to more than 40 countries filming the project Le Tour Du Monde (screened on Discovery Channel Latin America), recording albums on the street, and receiving more than 200 music awards last year.

Lucas & Iris Fuzaro were the heart and soul of the production of the Uncensored Playlist. Together they traveled through countries like China, Vietnam, or Egypt in disguise to meet local musicians, learn about regional instruments and genres, as well as life under censorship. Building on that experience: Lucas produced all songs of the Uncensored Playlist while Iris served as the Director of the project, creating music videos and short documentaries to tell the stories behind those songs.

Appears in:

DDB Berlin Presents Behind the Scenes: "The Uncensored Playlist"

20/10/2020 - 14:10 - 14:35 (BST)