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Chief Executive Officer | UWG

Nelson is Chair and Chief Executive Officer of UWG, the USA's longest-standing multicultural marketing agency. She took the helm of the agency in May 2012, when founder and advertising pioneer Bryan Lewis retired.

With offices in Brooklyn, Detroit, Atlanta and Miami, UWG maintains a list of esteemed clients. Today, this list includes Ford, Colgate, The Home Depot, Bacardi, Coca-Cola, and the U.S Marines. UWG services it's clients with general market, Black, Hispanic, Asian and LGBT marketing and advertising, digital and traditional advertising, consumer insight, public relations, consumer healthcare communications and cultural fluency consulting.

Nelson has expanded the agency's client list and has led her team in the development of several award-winning campaigns that show the wide range of the agency's expertise, as well as it's ability to connect its clients with the growing and diverse cultures of today's marketplace.

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