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Executive Creative Director | DDB Group Germany

Patrik Lenhart became Creative Director at DDB Berlin in 2018. He spent most of his early career at Jung von Matt before joining DDB as a Senior Copywriter in 2016, where he worked on the international unit of the agency. Here he repeatedly joined global team set-ups at adam&eveDDB London for special projects. Together with his art partner Felipe Cury he was the creative lead of the Uncensored Playlist at DDB Berlin and since then serves as the Creative Director for RSF. Patrik has won over 80 international awards including the first Cannes Titanium Lion for a German agency in 2019. For the Titanium jury presentation, he managed to get a whole band into the Palais in Cannes to play the songs. Patrik used to play bass in a shoegaze band before he became a copywriter. Ironically, he made his most successful album years after his band split up.

Appears in:

DDB Berlin Presents Behind the Scenes: "The Uncensored Playlist"

20/10/2020 - 14:10 - 14:35 (BST)