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Former ECD | GREY Dubai

From walking out of the medical school gates and getting into Art School, then switching to copywriting from art direction midway through her advertising career; and today having set up her own independent agency in the midst of a happening 2020 after her 15-year stint with GREY - Vidya has always followed her passion.

After over four decades in the Middle East and having witnessed sand dunes transform to skyscrapers, this charming lady from India proudly says she’s ‘Made in Dubai’

Her work reflects the pop culture around her and has bagged international awards, not only in the print and outdoor categories but also in radio, design, integrated and advertising for good. Vidya has been a common face at most of the global and local award juries.

Today as she sets out on a new venture, she’s excited to be a part of the change and to continue creating successful brand stories.

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